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Graham Elliot Working on the "Grahambulance," a Mobile Grahamwich Truck

It looks like Graham Elliot is taking to the road. He just tweeted an image of a red and white classic VW bus and said, "Here's a look at the 'Grahambulance' food / delivery truck that is in the works. More info as we get closer..."

We were thinking he might launch an ice cream truck since he already has soft serve. We'd love to see GE don a classic ice cream vendor suit and ride around town playing tunes through a speaker on the roof. Instead of little kids screaming after him, it'd be middle-aged suburban moms and disaffected hipsters.

He actually just informed us that it will in fact be a delivery vehicle for Grahamwich, and they'll also park outside various games, concerts, events and more to sell sandwiches and snacks—and will start to bottle their sodas to sell. When asked about the ice cream, GE replied, "that'll be a component." So hopefully the ice cream suit will become a reality.


615 N State Street, Chicago, IL 60654 312 265 0434

Graham Elliot

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