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Hottest Chef: Round 1 Winners: Poli, Tentori, Corazzina, Verrier, Curren & Roberts

Well it's been a fierce and brutal first round of Eater Chicago's premiere Hottest Chef in Chicago contest, but after thousands of votes and plenty of commentary, we have our top six after Toni Roberts of C-House won the sixth heat with about 40 percent of the vote.

Moving on to Round 2 will be Ryan Poli (Perennial), Giuseppe Tentori (Boka), Luca Corazzina (312 Chicago), Merlin Verrier (Graham Elliot), Chris Curren (Elate/Blue 13) and Roberts. Yes! We have a woman to give these dudes a run for their money.

Round 2 kicks off Thursday and will pit three chefs against each other for two days. Then on Monday, we'll post the final round, where two chefs will duke it out for title of Hottest Chef in Chicago and go on to compete on the national level. Congrats to all the winners!