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Dirk Flanigan, Giuseppe Tentori, Andrew Brochu, More on Tap to Brew With Goose Island in 2011

For the last year or so, Goose Island has been partnering with some of Chicago's top chefs, like Paul Kahan, Mindy Segal and Chris Pandel, to collaborate on limited-edition, small batch beers that are sold on site at the chefs' restaurants and in Goose Island's brewpub. The beers are crafted with food in mind and it's a win-win situation for everyone involved, especially the customers.

Goose Island is gearing up to partner with another batch of top toques throughout the year. Longman & Eagle's Jared Wentworth teamed up with Goose head brewer Jared Rouben in January to brew Pork Soda, a Belgian double IPA. Then, about 10 days ago, Rouben hooked up with Rick Gresh from David Burke's Primehouse to produce a blood orange Belgian blonde called the Citron Bombshell.

Goose Island has chef collaborations scheduled through September, with two chefs brewing in June for a double feature (although they're each doing their own). Basically, the chefs get together with Rouben to discuss what they want to do; sometimes inspiration doesn't hit until they meet. They brew one month, the beer goes through fermentation and is then released the following month. Wentworth's beer hit Feb. 8 and Gresh's, which is currently mid-fermentation, will come out likely toward the end of March. Up next: Stephanie Izard will create a beer in March to be released at Girl & The Goat in April.

"We're excited that Chicago's best chefs have such an interest in craft beer," said Goose Island brewmaster Greg Hall, "and we're thrilled to be a part of their vision of pairing beer with food."

So who else is gonna brew? Here's the list so far for 2011:

· January: Jared Wentworth/Longman & Eagle
· February: Rich Gresh/Primehouse
· March: Stephanie Izard/Girl & The Goat
· April: Dirk Flanigan/The Gage and Henri
· May: Francis Brennan/L20
· June: Giuseppe Tentori/GT Fish & Oyster
· June: Stephanie Prida/RIA
· July: Tony Priolo/Piccolo Sogno
· August: Jared Van Camp/Old Town Social
· September: Andrew Brochu/Kith & Kin

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[Photo: Giuseppe Tentori, Dirk Flanigan, Francis Brennan]


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