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GT Fish & Oyster: Don't You Know Who We Are?

Photo: Giuseppe Tentori, Rob Katz, Kevin Boehm

Job Interview Tip No. 13: Know something about the place where you want to work. That's possibly the biggest lesson that came out of the four-minute video about the first open call to staff up GT Fish & Oyster.

The Boka Restaurant Group posted a video to the forthcoming restaurant's blog on Thursday taking people through a little bit of what it was like to interview some 250 people looking for front-of-house jobs. The masses came through Landmark, another Boka restaurant, and while they found some good ones and "some bad ones," chef Giuseppe Tentori said with a laugh, co-owner Rob Katz said if they can find 10 percent to 15 percent from that group, they're on their way.

Katz's partner, Kevin Boehm, was (calmly) shocked at how many people came in and had zero idea what GT Fish & Oyster was about. "You know, there's this amazing thing out there called the Internet," he said. "It's awesome because you can actually do research about a restaurant or restaurant group before you come in and do an interview. It kills me when they just don't know anything about what they're applying for."

One applicant, however, won points when she knew the Boka Group was "all over the new issue of CS," and got excited when Boehm brought up Girl & The Goat. We'd be surprised if we don't see her working there when they open next month. Boehm said they're holding another round of interviews on Monday between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. so make sure you do your homework.
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