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Dough Boys Pizzaiolo Leo Spizzirri Competing in Pizza Games

Dough Boys' pizzaiolo Leo Spizzirri will head to Las Vegas Mar 1-3 to compete in the International Pizza Expo as a member of the World Pizza Champions team and wants your help to choose what pizza he'll prepare for his entry.

Spizzirri has pulled together a list of five pizzas he could make. Take this quick survey (honestly, it's one question; it'll take you two seconds) and choose between pizzas ranging from grilled chipotle chicken thigh meat, fire roasted veggies, crushed tomato sauce with an empanada pizza dough to fresh baby spinach, feta cheese, Canadian bacon with a béchamel sauce. Whatever gets the most votes, Spizzirri will make during the World Pizza Games. Now if we can get someone to invite us out there to vote...

Leo Spizzirri [Photo: Facebook]

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