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Grant Achatz to Be Honored With USA Network's "Character Approved" Award

On March 8, Grant Achatz, along with 11 other innovative leaders in various industries, will receive the title of "Character Approved," an awards show on the USA Network. Achatz and the other award winners were selected from a variety of creative fields, from design to music to writing.

Achatz is the only food-related winner and with everything else that's going on with him—from beating cancer and earning the title of best restaurant in America for Alinea to the release of his autobiography, Life, On the Line, the opening the forward-thinking Next restaurant and Aviary bar and the possibility of having a movie made about his life—it's no wonder USA Network selected him.

While the show won't air until 10 p.m. CST on March 8, we have a video clip previewing Achatz's interview. To see other winners, including Waiting for Superman director Davis Guggenheim, singer Janelle Monae and Foursquare founders Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley, check out the site. Meanwhile, watch the clip of Achatz below.


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