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Paul Virant to Replace Ryan Poli at (New) Perennial Virant

After last week's surprise announcement that Ryan Poli would leave Perennial after three years to be exec chef and partner at the forthcoming Tavernita, people wondered who would replace him. All anyone knew was that it was going to be a "celeb chef," which co-owner Kevin Boehm told Eater last week, but beyond that, the name was shrouded in secrecy.

Now, after loads of speculation, Boehm and his business partner, Rob Katz have revealed that Paul Virant, of the acclaimed Vie in Western Springs, will be Perennial's new executive chef and partner and that the restaurant will now be called Perennial Virant, which they announced in a brief video this morning. Virant will also continue to oversee the kitchen at Vie. We're looking forward to see how Virant affects things at the popular Lincoln Park spot.

· Ryan Poli Leaving Perennial to Helm Kitchen at Tavernita; Perennial Getting a "Celebrity Chef"


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1800 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL