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Chef Derek Crumpton Passes Away After Weeks on Life Support; Benefit Being Planned

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We just got the heartbreaking news that chef Derek Crumpton passed away earlier today. Crumpton, 28, had been in a medically induced coma since early February. The coma was brought on by a bout of walking pneumonia and Crumpton had been on life support for the last few weeks.

Yesterday, we posted that he was still fighting for his life, and we're sad to report that he lost the battle.

Crumpton worked at Kith & Kin with David Carrier and Andrew Brochu before opening his own place, Derek's Dogs & Deli, which he closed recently and had plans to move back to Florida, where he grew up.

Brochu tells us that Crumpton didn't have health insurance so he is planning a benefit to help the family defray some costs of the medical bills. The benefit will be held at Kith & Kin in the near future; Brochu is still working out details and we'll let you know the information when we have it.

"In the last 24 days, there have been ups and downs," Brochu said. "We've all been preparing." As for the benefit, he said, "I'd like to pack the place completely full." Our thoughts go out to Crumpton's friends and family.
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