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Todd Appel Takes 2nd Place in Bacardi Legacy Competition

While we're stuck up here in snowy-land, a few of our city's top mixologists have been having a blast down in South Beach. Todd Appel, Lynn House and Brad Bolt flew down to Florida to compete in the Bacardi Legacy cocktail contest. They were the winners from the Chicago market and went down to duke it out against nine other mixologists from New York, Miami and Texas.

Appel, who came in second to John Lermayer of the Delano Florida Room (he'll compete in the world championships in Barcelona), still won a trip to Bacardi's facilities in Puerto Rico. He took the silver with his cocktail, the Dublin Pirate, made with lime juice, Irish oat horchata and arrack punch, a funky rum-flavored syrup from Indonesia. Congrats go out to all the Chicago entrants.
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Todd Appel [Photo: 312DD]