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5411 Empanadas Joins Chicago's Food Truck Caravan

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It seems like every week another new food truck hits Chicago's streets, yet for some reason our politicians still can't pass the ordinance to allow these people to actually cook on the trucks. Hopefully it'll happen sooner than later and in the meantime, we'll just keep following these intrepid roving chefs as they drive their trucks around the city selling their grub.

This week, we welcome 5411 Empanadas, an extension of an existing company selling, well, you'd have to be pretty clueless not to figure this one out. No, if you guessed cupcakes you're pretty far off. If you interpreted the name to mean they're selling handmade, fresh-baked empanadas, you'd be dead on.

Time Out Chicago reported that the truck would debut on Valentine's Day selling their little flaky pockets of love cooked off-site at Kitchen Chicago. According to their website and Twitter feed, they hit 600 W. Fulton on Monday.

Today they're going to be parked at 600 W. Chicago. So if you have a hankering for empanadas filled with beef, ham, cheese, spinach, corn, caramelized onion or BBQ chicken—either separate or with some ingredients combined—hop over there. And bring $1.99 for each one. We've had them in the past and they're pretty damn tasty. Let's hope this trio of Argentineans sells enough empanadas to get their own storefront. If not, let's hope the city passes the bill to let them have a moving storefront. That would be even better.
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