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Hottest Chef Round 2 Cont: Verrier, Roberts, Corazzina

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Merlin Verrier, Toni Roberts, Luca Corazzina
Merlin Verrier, Toni Roberts, Luca Corazzina
Photos of Verrier and Roberts by Timothy Hiatt

We're getting closer to the finals, folks. Round 2 of Eater Chicago's Hottest Chef in Chicago competition continues. Yesterday's heat saw Elate/Blue 13's Chris Curren take the top spot in a nail-biting tie-breaking finish. He and Perennial's Ryan Poli were tied with 48.1 percent and at the last second Curren moved ahead. Who will go up against him?

Today, we put up our final three semi finalists: Graham Elliot's Merlin Verrier, C-House's Toni Roberts and 312 Chicago's Luca Corazzina. Polls will remain open until about noon on Saturday and the winner of this heat will compete on Monday against Curren for the title of hottest chef in Chicago. Whoever takes that, will move on to compete against the winners of each Eater city for the national title. Show no mercy—let the voting begin.

Poll results

C-House Restaurant

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Graham Elliot

217 W Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60654 312 624 9975 Visit Website