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Gas Goes Out at Paris Club; Gives Guests Gift Cards

If a restaurant serves over-seasoned food, watered-down drinks or spills soup on you, that's something you can fault them for. But when the gas goes out? That sounds like a city issue.

Last night, around 9 p.m. the gas went out at Paris Club, prompting people to don their coats due to lack of heat. The restaurant had to stop serving hot food, but quickly realized they had to close entirely for the night, which unfortunately was only their second night of service.

"The regulator got jammed with debris and we don't know why or how," said owner R.J. Melman. "It clogged up the gas line and we had no heat or gas. It was unfortunate. We were humming along and then that happened."

One diner said "they couldn't have been nicer, more apologetic and gave each of us a $50 voucher for a future visit. Can't wait to go back as the menu looked great." Talk about damage control. Fortunately People's Gas was able to fix the problem around midnight so Paris Club will be open tonight for business.
· Paris Club Ready to Open its Doors to the Public Feb. 9

Paris Club [Photo: Facebook]

Paris Club Bistro and Bar

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Paris Club

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