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Hottest Chef Round 1: Desai, Poli, Duffy, Caron, Thapthimkuna & Baltzley

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This morning we announced Eater's Hottest Chef in Chicago competition and first round voting starts now. Today, we're kicking things off with six chefs going head-to-head and you get to decide who is the hottest in this seed. That winner goes on to compete with the top six.

To get things rolling, we have Radhika Desai (Top Chef, English), Curtis Duffy (Avenues), Worachai Thapthimkuna a.k.a. Chao (Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar), Ryan Poli (Perennial), Bryce Caron (Custom House Tavern) and Brandon Baltzley, that bad boy chef from New York who walked recently walked out of Mado. May the hottest win.

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