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TOC's 100 Best Things They Ate

TOC-100-Best-2011.jpgCan you name the 100 best things you ate in 2011? Probably not, but you can have a great time trying to eat all the great things the dining crew at Time Out Chicago loved during the year. The editors have released their annual "100 best things we ate (and drank) in 2011" list and it includes some tasty morsels as Ruxbin's calamari (No. 1), Pure Black at La Colombe (No. 9), carne en su jugo at Los Gallos #2 (No. 22) and cioppino at Glenn's Diner (No. 78). Good thing you have all year to work on checking things off the list. [TOC]

La Colombe Torrefaction

955 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 733 0707

Ruxbin Kitchen

851 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Glenn's Diner

1820 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613 (773) 506-1720 Visit Website