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Repeal Day Drinking

Salud-Lounge-sign-sm.jpgIf it weren't for the repealing of Prohibition, we may still be bootlegging whiskey. Thankfully the law banning the sale or consumption of alcohol in the U.S. was done away with 78 years ago and today we have an excuse to celebrate. Repeal Day parties are taking place all over, but one at Salud Tequila Lounge brings together bartenders from Purple Pig, Drawing Room and Sable Kitchen & Bar will be on hand to help mix drinks during this free event, taking place tonight between 8 and midnight. RSVP required. [312DD]

Sable Kitchen & Bar

505 North State Street, , IL 60654 (312) 755-9704 Visit Website

The Purple Pig

500 North Michigan Avenue, , IL 60611 (312) 464-1744 Visit Website

The Drawing Room

531 Henley Street, , TN 37902 Visit Website