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Miramar Bistro Owner Gabriel Viti Conquers the World's "Seven Summits"

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Photo: Viti atop Antarctica's Mt. Vinson

It's a good thing he has a solid staff to work at his restaurants, because Gabriel Viti has been busy climbing mountains. Well, it's not like the chef/owner of Highwood spots Gabriel's and Miramar Bistro is goofing off. He just became the 335th person to climb the "Seven Summits," the highest peak on each continent in the world.

What's even more amazing is he only started this conquest to scale the seven peaks in January of 2010, starting with Mount Aconcagua (Argentina) and then Mount Everest (Himalayas), the world's tallest and most challenging peak.

On Nov. 26 Viti completed the seventh climb by conquering Vinson Massif, Antarctica's highest mountain set just 1,200 km away from the South Pole. Viti and his crew hit the top on a clear day and it was just 30 degrees below zero. Ain't no thang.

Oh, and while he was scaling the mountains, he also managed to raise more than $200,000 for Keshet, an organization that provides educational, recreational and vocational programs for special needs children and young adults. While Viti will now serve as exec chef at Miramar, it'll only be time until his next adventure: swimming the English Channel. And what did you do today?