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Poli: Tavernita Will Not Be Clubby

Ryan-Poli-Tavernita-headshot-sm.jpgIf you think Tavernita is going to have a clubby vibe, think again. In an interview with Eater National, chef/partner Ryan Poli said that while Mercadito does have a clubby edge with Double A, Tavernita will be all about the food. "Alfredo [Sandoval] wants to make sure that there's a vibe to it, but not a clubby one," Poli said. "There's going to be a late night lounge that will happen in the back serving bites and drinks, but we're definitely a restaurant first." During the Q&A, Poli also delves into how he fell in love with Spanish cooking, why he thinks fine dining isn't dead, and his road to opening Tavernita, which should happen shortly after New Year's. [~E~]


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