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The Curbed Cup; Converted High School Condos; More

And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...


EVERYWHERE— The 2011 Great Annual Curbed Cup is upon us, pitting proud, attention-needy 'hoods against one another to decide who's had the best year. First round results are in, and the semifinalists will lock horns next week. Read-up on the contenders then cast your vote!

OLD TOWN— Some of us are, emotionally, still in high school, others would actually like to go back. You can't, but you can come close by buying this condo in the converted St. Michael's High School. It's done well by its institutional dimensions: ceilings measure between 14 and 18 feet; walnut plank flooring warms the wide open spaces; and there's an appropriate amount of exposed brick. Asking $995K.

LINCOLN PARK— For rent now, a 2-bed duplex in that building with the tennis courts pressed up against the Red Line. Seldom do we see the courts in use, but you could change that by dropping $2,400/mo on this unit.

OLD TOWN— The Frederick Wacker House is back on the market after 10 years, for a stunning $600K less than its '01 sale price. The beer baron's taste for exquisite Italianate architecture extends to the 1,800 sf coach house, included in the $1.299M ask.