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Celebrate 25 Years with Charlie Trotter on NYE

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Charlie Trotter is no stranger to breaking new ground and for his 25th anniversary, he's doing it again for a really special New Year's Eve celebration. The innovative chef is opening up his entire Lincoln Park restaurant for a black-tie-optional soiree and is inviting you along.

Trotter is doing away with a traditional dining setting and getting rid of the tables and chairs. He's allowing guests to explore the entire space, including his award-winning extensive wine cellar. A dance floor will be set up. Luxe food stations serving dishes like warm poached lobster with vanilla oil and Buddha's Hand; venison with huckleberry and wild cinnamon; tempura of bay scallop with nori and many other surprises.

And Trotter will pop a Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne, which holds the equivalent of 20 bottles. The cost of the evening is $295 a person, which considering this is Trotter's—and a 25th anniversary bash—seems like a steal. Space is limited so book by calling 773-248-6228.

Charlie Trotter's

816 W Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL 60614 773-248-6228