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Jay-Z, Beyonce Hit Vincent While Waiting for Great Lake

Apparently even mega stars don't get preferential treatment at Great Lake. Jay-Z and Beyonce, along with two friends, went to get pizza last night at Great Lake before Jigga performed at the United Center with Kanye West and had to wait like everyone else.

So the pair, along with two friends and four bodyguards, hung out next door at Vincent and had drinks and a bite. The very pregnant Beyonce had a "mocktail" made with apple shrub (a gastrique to sweeten a beverage) and Jay-Z had a Dutch 75, Vincent's take on a French 75. They also nibbled on frites, which she apparently really enjoyed. The group, which reportedly was "extremely lovely," according to a source, also had a number of other bodyguards posted outside at their waiting Escalade.

[Photo: Crushable]

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