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Design Stores Invade Las Manos; Wal-Mart Opens; More!

...And now the latest from your intrepid shoppers over at Racked Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's shopping, style, and retail from the sidewalks up.


ANDERSONVILLE - Las Manos Gallery has asked five Andersonville design stores to install vignettes in the show space for their new exhibition called Art+Design which opens tonight. Staying up for about a month, the exhibition incorporates vignettes from Urban Mischief, Room Service Chicago, Scout, Haymaker and Brimfield, which are accessorized with artwork from Las Manos.

LAKEVIEW - Wal-Mart Express in Lakeview is now open. The store, which sells meats, frozen food, produce, cat food, and beauty items, is stirring some deep feelings in the comments section of our post.

NEIGHBORHOODS - It's shopping in overdrive season and you have your choice about where to spend it - lots of choices can be daunting. So we've recommended and broken down this weekend's big ones: One of-a-Kind Show, Dose's Holidose, Andersonville's Julmarknad, then Winter Wonderland in Roscoe Village and then finally Do-Division which launches the Unwrap Wicker Park Bucktown Passport.

RIVER NORTH - Haberdash has opened their newest spot: Haberdash EDC. It actually opened for Black Friday so we danced down State Street to take a tour of this smells-good menswear paradise.