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Mapping Transit-Friendly Public Art; J-Hud's New Digs

And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...

["Women Leaning" by Marisol Escobar]

EVERYWHERE— Curbed gently prods you onto the train to seek out public art. Our custom map and guide to indoor public art along the Brown Line and at Harold Washington Library should sit well with museum-goers who are museum-ed out. We highlight our faves, but there's much, much more at the Library and stations.

BURR RIDGE— Jennifer Hudson is in contract negotiations for a 12,000 sf mansion in the Southwestern suburb of Burr Ridge. Hudson is, of course, a Chicago native, but some of you readers might still get uncontrollably excited. See the property and marvel at Curbed's photoshop prowess.

EVERYWHERE— Chicago pioneered the model for urban renewal projects nationwide from the '40s on. On a whim, we decided this week to chronicle a few of the biggest offenders and put it to a readers' vote. Check out the nominees, then weigh in!

LAKEVIEW— New to market, a large Victorian with an unusual amount of square footage devoted to a CD collection. We rhapsodize over the quality of life improvements a new owner might bestow upon his obsolete possessions.

LINCOLN PARK— The house where they shot The Fugitive's gripping murder scene has met our friend, Mr. PriceChopper, who took $250,000 off the ask. Don't expect much more give, the home is fairly iconic and boasts real life luxuries too, like an indoor pool, sauna, and soaring ceilings. The new price is $3,699,000.