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CBS 2: Health-Code Violations at Top Chicago Restaurants

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Just because a restaurant is touted as having incredible food doesn't mean the kitchen its prepared in is always clean. A new report released by CBS 2 has uncovered a number of health-code violations in top-rated Chicago restaurants and you'd be surprised and what it shows.

CBS 2's Pam Zekman pulled the health-inspection records from 26 of the city's priciest restaurants to see just how safe it is to eat at those spots and consulted with food safety expert Kantha Shelke. While most of the restaurant records at places like Spiaggia, Next, Les Nomades and David Burke's Primehouse all passed, some spots, like Everest and Lockwood passed with conditions. However, places like Il Mulino, Rosebud Prime and Sixteen failed at times.

Some restaurants had violations including not having food being cooled at proper temperatures, not having hot enough water to kill bacteria in a dishwasher or having sinks that didn't work. However, some, like Il Mulino, had live cockroaches on the walls, floors and work equipment and also had mold growth in the ice machine.
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Il Mulino [Photo: Cheeky Chicago]


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