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Details of the Children's Memorial Hospital Site Plan; Emil Bach gets the Billionaire's Treatment; More

And now the latest from Curbed Chicago, covering everything you need to know about the city's neighborhoods and real estate...


LINCOLN PARK— Curbed hauled ass to a town hall meeting in Lincoln Park convened to discuss the "conceptual plan" for the Children's Memorial Hospital Site. You know, the concepts that have been talked to death without much detailed illustration. That's finally changing. Which buildings will stay? Which will go? When's it actually going to happen? We've got your answers.

ROGERS PARK— The Emil Bach House is getting the billionaire philanthropist treatment. Owner James Pritzker intends to get her all gussied-up and ready for show, and plans to invite public exploits beginning next year.

HIGHLAND PARK— This fine mansion with a rare lakeside beach house still asked too much of the market. The PriceChopper responded with characteristic ruthlessness, cutting the price by $1.7M overnight. That brings it all the way down to $8.199M. It's still Highland Park, after all.

NEAR WEST SIDE— On another outing, we visited the hospital. We're OK, thanks. We managed to bring home some mighty fine pics of the new Rush Medical Center, however. It stands out, in the opinion of many, as one of Chicago's best new buildings. Come see.