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Tensions Flare Among Chicago Chefs in Texas

Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know what happened on last night's episode of Top Chef, stop reading now.

It certainly got hot in the kitchen last night on Top Chef Texas, which for this episode could have been renamed Top Drama Chicago. The quickfire challenge, to make and pair something with the Don Julio tequila of choice, found all Chicago chefs in the bottom three, as Sarah Grueneberg, Heather Terhune and Chris Jones all had unlikeable dishes.

On to the elimination challenge where chefs are paired into teams and are tasked with creating a dish for a game dinner that includes a host of well-known chefs. The twist? The cheftestants choose who ends up in the bottom three for a double elimination.

Ironically Terhune and Beverly Kim, who clashed last week, are paired together. Terhune is less than pleased and makes it clear throughout the challenge. She instructs Kim to not cook "too Asian," claims Kim acts more like a sous chef than a chef and watches her like a hawk. The other contestants notice and many are fed up with Terhune's bossy attitude. Is this real or just clever editing? You decide.

Moto's Jones attempts to make sweet potato links that fail miserably and turn into mushy fries. Spiaggia's Grueneberg struggles with her sausage and eventually breaks down in tears. The chefs have a hard time deciding the bottom three, or at least pretend like they do, but Jones and partner Grayson Schmitz; Terhune and Kim; and Nyesha Arrington and Dakota Weiss end up at judges table.

The judges are focused on the dishes, but Terhune affirms her different cooking style from Kim's and revisits last week's "shrimp incident," more or less throwing Kim under the bus. The judges don't appreciate Terhune bringing up past challenges or Jones' failed attempt at creative-looking sweet potatoes, but ultimately send Weiss and Arrington home for undercooking their venison. So while Chicago was in the hot seat this week, everyone was spared. For now.