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Poli Talks Reviews

ryan-poli-beard-sm.jpgEver wonder what chefs think about reviews of their food? Eater National reached out to a number of chefs, including Eric Ripert (NY's Le Bernardin), Corey Lee (SF's Benu) and Chicago's Ryan Poli (Tavernita). Each of the seven chefs gives his or her opinion on reviewing, and Poli said that reviewing isn't what it used to be. "For a long time, most of the major publications were the strongholds — they could make or break a restaurant," he said. "Now there's so many blogs and user-generated sites where people are reviewing places on an almost daily basis." He did say he doesn't dwell on reviews too much, but that he does take both the positive and negative information from a major critic and uses that to improve. He adds that reviews on sites like Yelp are often vindictive and that people, "simply fixate on one thing that they don't like and make that the focus." [~E~]


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