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Curtis Duffy Confirms Grace as Name of New Restaurant

In early October with the initial release of the iPhone app Chefs Feed, Curtis Duffy was listed as the chef at Grace. It was quickly replaced with "new restaurant coming soon," but not before Eater contacted Duffy to ask about the name.

At the time, he emailed that they were "still under legal issues with the name" and that it may not stick so he asked to not have the name publicized. But now, according to a press release that went out this morning, it looks like Duffy is getting his name.

Grace, which will open sometime in mid-2012 on Randolph Street (address still has not been revealed), will apparently be a 10,000 square-foot bi-level space with the main dining room, lounge and kitchen occupying the first floor and overflow seating and a 14-seat private dining room upstairs.

Duffy, who earned two Michelin stars and four-star reviews from both Chicago and Chicago Tribune, said in the statement, "I have always dreamt of having my own restaurant, one where I can be involved from conceptualization to realization of the dream." And he has said that ultimately his goal is to get that third star from Michelin.
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652 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60661 (817) 877-3388