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More Chicago-related Drama Hits Top Chef

Spoiler Alert: If you do not want to know what happened on last night's episode of Top Chef, stop reading now.

This week Top Chef contestants hit the road when Padma Lakshmi announced that they were heading to Dallas. Of course, in typical Top Chef style, they didn't quite make it to Dallas until after their Quickfire.

The caravan, led by Heather Terhune (Sable Kitchen), was pulled over by a state trooper, who asked for her license and registration. This ended up being the spot fot the Quickfire, where the cheftestants made a meal on a dirt field out of things found in a survival kit.

The contestants then made it to Dallas to cook a progressive dinner party in a wealthy neighborhood and were split into three teams to make individual appetizers, entrees or dessert. Spiaggia's Sarah Grueneberg landed in the top four at judges table for her perfectly grilled artichoke, but lost out to Paul Qui (Uchiko) and his Brussels sprout dish.

Two Chicago chefs, Chris Jones (Moto) and Chuy Valencia (Chilam Balam) were in the bottom four and although Tom Colicchio felt Jones' faux cigar was "too gimmicky," it was Valencia who was eliminated for his overcooked salmon and goat cheese. Valencia seemed in good spirits as he tweeted last night, "It's all good peeps! I love that I got to have a blast with such great chefs and most of all, people."

After the episode Valencia went on to compete online in Last Chance Kitchen against Keith Rhodes, who had won the two previous challenges among eliminated contestants. Their task was to butcher five bone-in ribeyes and cook one perfectly medium rare. Valencia, who had come from a family of butchers, came out victorious and will have a chance to come back on the show if he beats the rest of the eliminated contestants.