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Alpana Singh Leaves Lettuce Entertain You

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Master Sommelier Alpana Singh announced via her blog today that she is leaving her position as director of wine and spirits for Lettuce Entertain You after more than a decade with the company. Singh first came to work with Lettuce in 2000 as sommelier at Everest, where she worked with famed chef Jean Joho.

She moved into the corporate setting in 2005 as director of wine and spirits after receiving her Master Sommelier certificate and recently launched the company's Lettuce Wine Cellars retail site.

Singh hasn't announced what her next steps are, but said she will be staying in Chicago and "couldn't imagine living anywhere else again." She wrote on her blog that her time at Lettuce was an invaluable experience saying, "I have had the great privilege to work with some of the most dynamic, thoughtful, and creative entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry." As for making the move now, Singh said she got a call earlier this year about a new opportunity that she just couldn't refuse.
· Alpana Singh Launches Lettuce Wine Cellars


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