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5 Chicago Chefs Advance on Top Chef Texas Premiere

You knew the stakes would be high on Top Chef Texas, but seeing how cutthroat it would be came as a bit of a surprise—especially to the competing chefs. Little did the 29 hopefuls, which includes six Chicago chefs, know upon arrival that they didn't have a secured spot, but as the chefs were broken down into three groups it became pretty clear they were going to have to earn their stay.

Four Chicago chefs were in the first group and had to prepare a dish with pork. The second group had to work with rabbit. The third? Well, we won't know until next week what happened. But what we do know is that of the 11 chefs who have moved into the chef house, Chicago so far is representing hard. Who made it through? Find out after the jump.

Of the six chef hopefuls from Chicago, five have already made it through to the top 16. Who are they and what did they make?

· Heather Terhune (Sable Kitchen), maple-glazed baby back ribs
· Sarah Grueneberg (Spiaggia), pig skin ravioli
· Chris Jones (Moto), caramel apple with braised pork belly
· Richie Farina (Moto), onion soup with crispy pig ears, pickled shallots and frozen parsley powder
· Chuy Valencia (Chilam Balam), adobo-rubbed rabbit loin with cashew pipian and grilled zucchini

Beverly Kim's fate is still up in the air, but the promos for next week make it look like she gets placed "on the bubble," this purgatory of a place where chefs who showed promise go on to compete one more time, likely for one final slot in the top 16.

Based on the current showing, anyone who says Chicago doesn't have one of the best food scenes in America right now just needs to take a look at this lineup. That said, this is just the beginning. Hopefully one of the Chicago chefs will go all the way, and as Grueneberg said, "I feel like this is a Chicago competition."
· Top Chef Texas With 6 Chicago Chefs Starts Tonight [~EChi~]

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