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Brian Moulton Transformed Cotes du Rhone into Revolver

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A few months back, Cotes du Rhone closed and chef/owner Brian Moulton told patrons it was moving into to North Center and becoming Xippo Kitchen. Then news came out recently that Eric Aubriot took over that space and turned it into Revolver and Eater was a bit confused about what happend to Moulton.

Moulton got in touch with Eater recently to clear things up. Turns out that when he was moving Cotes du Rhone, Aubriot—his longtime friend and now business partner—was working at Lure Izakaya Pub in Chinatown and wanted to keep the partnership temporarily on the down low. Since the restaurant opened, however, the news has focused on Aubriot opening Revolver without much mention, if any, of Moulton.

So the bottom line is that Revolver is a partnership between the two chefs, where Moulton said he serves more as the saucier on the line while Aubriot is more of the expeditor; the two share prep and and overall maintenance duties. However, Moutlon said he's technically the exec chef since he created the concept and menu, as well as the logo.

Well, now that that's cleared up, how about the concept? Revolver, an intimate restaurant in the heart of North Center, serves French-influenced small- and medium-sized plates on a menu broken up into three price categories $7, $9 and $12. The $7 category features mostly soups and salads like French onion soup; mesclun green salad with goat cheese, sliced pears and walnuts; and roasted Brussels sprouts with white wine, xvoo and shaved Parmesan. You can also get pommes frites with a truffle mayo.

The next category offers plates like baked escargot; duck liver pate; sauteed gnocchi with roasted butternut squash and sage brown butter; and crabmeat-stuffed wonton ravioli. Finally, the largest plates include the Revolver burger (topped with duck liver pate); pork au poivre; pan seared sea scallops; grilled hanger steak topped with blue cheese pan sauce.

Revolver is open Monday through Saturday starting at 5 p.m. Sunday brunch starts at 11 a.m. and diners can partake in $12 "just eat" menu or a $20 "booze me" option, which includes bottomless mimosas. And now when you go in and see two head chefs, you'll know why.
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3759 N. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL