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In Fine Spirits' Marianne Sundquist Launches Mess Hall & Co. Product Line; Debuting at Dose Market

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Moving into the winter months, luxuries like having fresh fruit and vegetables quickly fall away from our beck and call. A lot of people have started canning and perserving fruit in season, but many of us don't have the time or knowledge on what to do.

Fortunately people like In Fine Spirits chef Marianne Sundquist do and want to share their experience with the rest of us. Sundquist has created Mess Hall & Co., a line of preserved jams, mustards and herbal tea that she's debuting this Sunday at Dose Market.

Mess Hall's first releases utilize fruit from Seedling and Nichols farms and include ghost pepper mustard; apple rum butter (using honeycrisp, northern spy and gala apples); blueberry bergamot jam session; bar cherries; and sleeping bag blend herbal tea.

As for what the company is about it's pretty simple, "We preserve foods that we love and use organic ingredients that inspire us," the website reads. "If we don’t know who grows it, we don’t make it." Following Dose, look for Mess Hall products at In Fine Spirits wine shop.
· Mess Hall & Co. [website]

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