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Chicago Suffers First Top Chef Casualty

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Because of the long holiday weekend, Eater didn't get a chance to comment on last week's episode of Top Chef, during which the first Chicago chef got the axe. If you haven't been watching the show, six Chicago chefs made it through to the top 16.

The chefs were divided into teams of three to create a chili recipe to serve at the Tejas Rodeo. A team consisting of Chicago chefs Richie Farina (Moto) and Beverly Kim (Aria), as well as contestant Nyesha Arrington, came together to make a chili they thought was pretty solid.

However, the team's chili was the least favorite (as was announced by Padma Lakshmi on horseback in front of the entire rodeo crowd), but the judges gave them one more shot to stay. Each chef had to create a new dish repurposing the chili in some way. In the end, Richie's Frito-crusted pork tenderloin missed the mark and he was sent packing in a tearful goodbye with good friend and fellow Moto chef Chris Jones.

Farina then went up against Keith Rhodes (aka Black Santa, aka Black Hagrid) in the Last Chance Kitchen, which aired online. Ultimately, Richie lost and was sent home for good.
· Beverly Kim Advances on Top Chef Texas; Becomes Sixth Chicago Contestant
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