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Eater's Last-Minute Thanksgiving Pie Guide

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Uh-oh, Thanksgiving is Thursday and you forgot to order your pie. Don't worry, plenty of Chicago bakeries are still taking orders or making extra pies for walk-up purchases at their shops, some even on Thanksgiving morning. So don't stress that you'd be bumming out your entire family if you showed up empty handed. Now, instead of being the turkey, you can be the Thanksgiving hero.

1) Angel Food Bakery
Where: 1636 W. Montrose, 773-728-1512
Pies: Pumpkin ($18 and $28, with fresh pumpkin from their garden); toasted pecan ($22 and $32). Will also have apple fig crisps ($30) and spiced pear bread ($8)
Details: Call Tuesday for Wednesday pickup (Angel Food will also have pies on hand on Wednesday, but appreciates call-ahead orders).

2) Bleeding Heart Bakery
Where: 1916 W. Chicago, 773-904-1414
Pies: Pumpkin pie with chocolate crust ($18); sweet potato pie and apple pie (individual $6 or whole for $24); also selling torts and tarts. Pies are made both conventionally and vegan, but supplies are limited.
Details: Advanced ordering is over but will make extra pies to sell first-come, first-sold at retail, now through Thanksgiving when the bakery will be open from 8 a.m. until noon.

3) Fox & Obel
Where: 401 E. Illinois, 312-410-7301
Pies: Pecan, pumpkin, apple and mixed berry ($14.99 to $19.99). Also have cranberry upside down cakes, ginger pear upside down cakes and cornbread.
Details: No longer taking advanced orders, but customers can do a "hold order" to get dibs on extra same-day pies. Can pickup between now and Thanksgiving morning.

4) Hoosier Mama Pie Co.
Where: 1618 1/2 Chicago, 312-243-4846
Pies: Classic Apple, chocolate chess, maple pecan, pumpkin and more
Details: No longer accepting advanced orders but will have pies in the retail shop Tuesday and Wednesday (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and Thursday (8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). Hoosier Mama will begin accepting holiday orders Nov. 29.

5) Whole Foods Market
Where: various locations around Chicago (check website for nearest)
Pies: Apple, cherry, blueberry, cranberry-apple, pumpkin for $6.99; pecan for $8.99; vegan pumpkin pie for $7.99. All pies serve six to eight people.
Details: All pies can be ordered now through Thanksgiving and can be picked up on Thanksgiving day until closing (call store for specific times)

6) Sweet Mandy B's
Where: 1208 W. Webster, 773-244-1174
Pies: Apple, cranberry apple, triple berry, pumpkin, pecan, turtle, chocolate cream, banana cream, key lime
Details: Place orders by noon on Tuesday. Can pick up Tuesday and Wednesday between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. and on Thanksgiving between 8 a.m. and noon.

7) Uptown Pie Company
Where: 1319-21 W. Wilson, 773-822-2377
Pies: More than 20 pies, including classic apple, Dutch apple, sweet potato, pumpkin, chocolate chess, bourbon pecan chess, butter pecan apple crumble and more.
Details: All pies $21. Place your order now as this will likely be the last time you can enjoy an Uptown Pie. The shop closes Nov. 27.

8) Black Dog Gelato and Sweet Cakes Bakery
Where: Black Dog: 859 N. Damen, 773-235-3116; Sweet Cakes: 901 N. Damen, 773-772-5771
Pies: Cherry, pumpkin, pecan, Dutch apple
Gelato: Goat cheese cashew caramel, vanilla bean, cinnamon brown sugar and cranberry orange sorbet
Details: Get a pie and two pints of gelato/sorbet for $32. Place orders at either location by end of day Tuesday (open 12 to 7) for pickup by 7 p.m. on Tuesday or Wednesday.

9) Sarah's Pastries & Candies
Where: 70 E. Oak, 312-664-6223
Pies: Pumpkin, sour cherry, apple crane, pecan pie, apple sour cream pie; chocolate chess pie. All pies $25 except pumpkin, which is $20.
Details: Orders must be placed Monday night by 6 p.m. for pickup by end of day Wednesday at 5 p.m. (Macy's location can pickup later. Call 312-781-3004 for details).

10) Magnolia Bakery
Where: 108 N. State, 312-346-7777
Pies: Double crust apple, apple crumb, pecan, black bottom pecan, pumpkin, chocolate pudding pie.
Details: All pies $24. All orders must be in by 5 p.m. Tuesday for pickup at the store, which is also open on Thanksgiving between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m.

11) Dinkel's Bakery
Where: 3329 N. Lincoln, 773-281-7300
Pies: Pumpkin, apple, cherry, chocolate silk, banana bavarian, Dutch apple, Dutch apple cranberry and pecan. Dinkel's also has a "vegetarian" turkey cake, which is simply a cake in the shape of a turkey (33.95).
Details: Pies range between $10.99 and $25.95 for a 9-inch pie. All orders must be in by 6 p.m. Tuesday for pickup by 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

12) First Slice
Where: 4401 N. Ravenswood, 773-506-7380
Pies: Vegan pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, mint chocolate cream, apple, michigan sour cherry and vegan pumpkin; and the Occu-pie, a take on a Depression-era pecan pie recipe with dried cherries and cranberries instead of pecans in a rich brown sugar custard with oats and spiced pumpkin seeds.
Details: Pies range from $12 to $22 and orders need to be in by 11 a.m. on Tuesday; can pickup by 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

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