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TR Napa Valley Wine Cellars Opens on Oak Street

Last weekend TR Napa Valley had its official grand opening offering a new place to sip wine on Oak Street. This cave-like tasting room and wine shop offers a chance to experience Napa Valley, as 80 percent of the wine you will find to drink or take home is from that California wine country, and the team plans to hold wine tastings and educational sessions focusing on Napa Valley wines as well.

The front of this small space hosts the retail portion and a few tables where you can sit around sipping and discussing wine. Toward the back is an intimate four-seat wine bar, serving wines by the glass, flights and bottles of wine and sparkling wine; TR will also serve small plates of cheese and charcuterie. Expect to see many small batch Napa Valley wines that aren't featured elsewhere in the city. Bottles run from $58 and up, glasses of wine between $12 and $25.

TR Napa Valley is open to the public daily until 9 p.m., but will keep the doors open after that for private members. In addition, the shop will offer a $50 general membership for special wine tastings and educational sessions. And as the proprietors consider themselves "ambassadors" to California's wine country, they'd be more than happy to help you plan a trip out there, too.

TR Napa Valley

61 E. Oak Street, Chicago, IL