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Dale Levitski Opening French-American Bistro

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Come spring, the long stretch of Broadway south of Belmont that is littered with fast-casual ethnic restaurants is going to get a dose of snails. And frogs. And a whole mess of other French fare when Dale Levitski opens a new bistro.

The Sprout executive chef revealed to the Tribune that he is planning to open frog n snail (yes, it's lower case on purpose), a French-American bistro with a dose of Eastern European influences. Levitski, who lives in the neighborhood, feels the area is void of this type of restaurant and admits to writer Kevin Pang he won't be "reinventing the wheel," but introducing cuisine that doesn't currently exist there.

While the lease is still pending, Levitski hopes to nab the vacant space next to Reckless Records and turn the former Japanese-Thai restaurant's mid-room sushi bar into a coffee bar, which could possibly compete with Intelligentsia across the street (OK, probably not). When the restaurant opens, look for dishes like steak au poivre, bouillabaisse, quiche and other French classics.
· Sprout's Dale Levitski to Open Second Restaurant, frog and snail, this Spring [Trib]


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