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Cook Fight!

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"Cook on cook violence at Old Town Social last night! Cook from L2O freaked the F out after another 1-Michelin-star kitchen (*ahem* Boka) ribbed him about L2O losing two stars yesterday; threatened to kill everyone in the bar; had to be wrestled to the ground and escorted away by the po po. Typical fine dining douche?" -- from Nellcote [Facebook via @TOCEatOut]


2300 North Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614


1729 North Halsted Street, , IL 60614 (312) 337-6070 Visit Website


833 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312.432.0500 Visit Website

Old Town Social

455 West North Avenue, , IL 60610 (312) 266-2277 Visit Website

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