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Take a Look at Grange Hall Burger Bar, Opening Today

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This cow isn't where your burger is sourced
This cow isn't where your burger is sourced

[Photo: Tim Hiatt]

The name may have changed a bit from when it was first announced, but the food and concept at Grange Hall Burger Bar remain the same. The new restaurant, from Angela and Chris Lee (Sushi Wabi, De Cero), opens today in their former Veerasway space and boy is it different. Before was chutney and curry. Now it's all about grass-fed, naturally raised, hormone-free meat for beef, turkey and veggie burgers—and it officially opens today.

The new decor reflects Angela Lee's youth growing up on her family's Michigan farm: quilts on the walls, antique cabinets, rustic vibes and homemade pies permeate the space. To make it feel even more homey, communal tables line the dining room, bringing everyone together for family meal, even if you don't know the people sitting next to you. But really, when you're all enjoying food prepared from fresh ingredients sourced from within a few hundred miles of Chicago, isn't this the way to dine?

In addition to burgers, Grange Hall will serve apps like a fried vegetable basket; old fashioned Michigan "rainbow dark chips;" fresh-churned ice cream in cones, cup, shakes and malts; and it'll have a full bar with $3 cans of Schlitz and PBR, wine and cider from Michigan vineyards; and special cocktails like the Hillbilly Margarita (lemonade, cucumber, maple syrup and El Jimador blanco tequila) and the Bee's Knees (Koval Chicago rye whiskey, honey liquor, raw honey and ginger). Check out the full menus below.

Grange Hall Menus

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Sushi Wabi

842 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 563 1224

Grange Hall Burger Bar

844 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312 491 0844