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Matt Eversman Signs OON Lease on Randolph Street

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With all the new restaurants opening on Randolph Street, it's amazing there are any spaces still available. But with the signing off a lease today at 802 W. Randolph, Matt Eversman just found a home for his forthcoming OON Chicago.

The former Saigon Sisters executive chef will move across the street from Girl & The Goat sometime in early 2012 when he opens the 70-seat OON, which will also have a bar with 12 to 14 seats and a sidewalk patio for up to 20. Little has been revealed about the menu since it's still in development, but Eversman has said OON will be a Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant with American influences. As for the location, Eversman said on his website, "I picked the West Loop area because I want us to be where Chicago's serious diners go to find really different and exciting approaches to food."

[Photo: Eversman with OON's future location behind him]

Saigon Sisters

567 West Lake Street, , IL 60661 (312) 496-0090 Visit Website

Girl & the Goat

555-3 Mateo Street, , CA 90013 (213) 799-4628 Visit Website

OON Chicago

802 W. Randolph St., Chicago, IL