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John des Rosiers on Meatyballs Mobile Today

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Last January, friends, fellow chefs and die-hard football fans Phillip Foss (Meatyballs Mobile) and John des Rosiers (inovasi) made a friendly wager on the Bears-Packers NFC championship game. Whoever won would have to cook for the other's customers and since the Packers won (Foss is from Wisconsin), des Rosiers was on the hook to cook on the Meatyballs truck.

Today is the day his debt comes due and the pair will be on board the truck between 11 and 1 at Dearborn and Monroe hocking des Rosiers' sandwich: Goats Balls featuring organic goat from Southern Illinois with ginger, Kentucky soy, Thai chile, clementine, coconut lemongrass sauce and Kyoto cabbage.

As an added bonus, the inovasi chef will also step into the kitchen tonight at Foss' EL restaurant to make one dish: Equus Oaks squab and De Bruin Brothers rabbit, served together wrapped in speck with fried green tomatoes and pasilla de Oaxaca chile chocolate sauce. Since your chances of getting a meatyball are greater than snagging a spot at the intimate EL restaurant, hoof it to the Loop and get yourself some Goat Balls.


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