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DMK Team Readying Next Project in Industrial Zone

Following the success of DMK Burger Bar and Fish Bar, David Morton and Michael Kornick are getting ready to introduce a third project to Chicago. The only problem is that they're not 100 percent sure what that's going to be. However, what they do know is the 45-seat spot will be located near the Hideout in that somewhat nondescript industrial zone between Lincoln Park, Noble Square and Bucktown.

The space will have a lounge, a great backyard space and will serve dinner five to six nights a week and possibly do a weekend brunch, according to Morton. The restaurant concept isn't nailed down, but Morton said they hope to open sometime in mid-February. What will really make it unique is their daytime food program ... for DMK employees only.

Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily, the still-unnamed spot will be a clubhouse of sorts for employees of the DMK family of restaurants where they can hang out and enjoy free coffee, tea and assorted bites.

"They can come and spin vinyl and enjoy coffee, tea and light fare as part of our quest to be a great company to work for," Morton said. "Essentially it's a huge company perk and it's not open to the public [during the day]. It's just for the couple hundred people who work for us."

The area is somewhat of a departure from the more heavily trafficked neighborhoods where their restaurants currently reside. And while there may not really be much else around it, when MK first opened north of Chicago Avenue in River North, there wasn't much happening around there, either.

"The space is really spectacular. It was originally built out as a special events space," Morton explained. "We think there's an opportunity to continue to expand as it relates to hard-core culinary in a casual setting. This will be a totally different look and feel for us."

[Photo: Michael Kornick and David Morton]

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