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Izard Teaming with Lillie's Q Truck Thursday

It's a pretty ambitious endeavor to commit to driving around on a food truck the morning after your big book release party, but no one has ever called Stephanie Izard a slacker. The Girl & The Goat chef is teaming with Charlie McKenna and the Lillie's Q truck for a lunchtime collaboration on Thursday.

The pair will land in the Loop and give away lunch ... if you buy a copy of Izard's book, Girl in the Kitchen. While the weather will be hot, so will lunch as Izard had planned on cold fall temps for her hearty lunch paired with fresh-baked artisan bread. If you can't make lunch, Izard will be on board both the Flirty Girl Cupcakes truck and Gaztro-Wagon tomorrow night. Want to check it out? Follow @stephandthegoat for updates. Catch her now because after that, she's back on the road for her national book tour.
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