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Ruxbin Owners Exploring Wine Shop Above Restaurant

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Earlier this month, Ruxbin co-owner Vicki Kim went before the East Village Association (EVA) to present a proposal to lift a liquor moratorium in the area in order obtain a packaged goods license to open a wine shop, currently with the working name of Hopscotch, above the restaurant. Ruxbin is a BYO spot and adding a wine shop on site would benefit their customers, as well as others in the neighborhood. However, Kim said the whole idea is "very preliminary in its stages."

Before they can even think of opening the shop, they have to go through a lot of red tape, Kim said. Since the liquor moratorium was established more than a decade ago, Kim and her partners have to talk to the EVA, Ald. Joe Moreno and the city. She said the process could take up to a year. "There's several pieces that have to communicate with each other," Kim said. "All the stars need to align."
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Ruxbin [Photo: EVA]

Ruxbin Kitchen

851 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642