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Fish Guy Market to Close and Come Back as Wellfleet

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The Fish Guy Market, the popular fresh seafood shop on Elston Avenue, will be closing after a massive sale this weekend, according to a tweet sent out by Steve Dolinsky. The Northwest Side shop, owned by Bill Dugan, will shut down after business on Sunday in order to begin demolition and revamp the space.

Dugan will re-open the shop as Wellfleet hopefully in two weeks, according to a staffer at the shop. Dugan has hosted weekly Wellfleet pop-up dinners in the space and has decided to make it a more permanent fixture.

When Wellfleet opens, it'll still be a fish market during the day and will retain its daily lunch menu, which features items like lobster rolls, the clamwich, grilled rare tuna and fish tacos. The biggest change will come with the new nightly dinner service, which will step things up a little with servers, some pizzas (traditional white pizza with clams; smoked salmon pizza) and, of course, fresh seafood. To start, it'll be BYO and they hope to add a very limited selection of wine and beer. When asked why they were making the change, the staffer said it was to fill a need for more dining options in the area.


4423 N. Elston Ave., Chicago, IL