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DucknRoll Food Truck Set to Hit the Streets Next Week

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Many food trucks have hit Chicago's streets in the last year, offering everything from naanwiches and wagyu burgers to cupcakes and macarons. Now a new truck is getting into the game and will soon deliver Asian-inspired cuisine focusing on banh mi. DucknRoll, a new venture from chef Amy Le and restaurateur Bing Zhou, who owns Chen's and Koi Chinese & Sushi, will craft items focusing on the flavors of cuisine from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand with a modern twist.

The truck will feature a number of banh mi, with the signature being the 5-spice Duck Roll. Other options will include miso braised short rib banh mi; Shanghai pork belly banh mi, vegetarian duck banh mi and Thai chicken curry banh mi. Other offerings will include mango lychee salsa and wonton chips, azuki bean cinnamon donuts and Vietnamese iced coffee. Prices will range between $2 and $9 for all items. Looks like Dolinsky may soon have to reassess his latest list.

DucknRoll plans to start service on Oct. 27 between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. when it will park outside the Illinois Press Photographers Association Annual Gallery Show at Calumet Photographic (1111 N. Cherry Ave.). The truck will be joined by the Sweet Ride and Chick Pea Delights trucks, too. Follow the trucks whereabouts on Twitter and get more info on its website.
· DucknRoll [website]