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Next to Begin Service for Childhood on Saturday; Introduces Teaser Video

As it's been reported, Next restaurant will introduce a menu concept centered around the concept of Childhood for its next quarterly iteration, which will kick off this Saturday, Oct. 22. So far few other details have been revealed, like that a course will be served in a lunchbox. Today, Grant Achatz pushed out a teaser video titled "Childhood Menu Consultation" featuring his two young sons, Keller and Kaden, as well as chefs Dave Beran and Rene DeLeon.

"So guys, where are we at with this menu?" Achatz asks his kids. They both laugh and Kaden responds, "He wants to do Hawaii," referring to his brother. Achatz reminds them they're doing Childhood, to which Keller says, "presents and candy and toys" while playful, youthful music plays in the background.

A few of the vintage lunch boxes sit on the table and Achatz asks the boys what they would expect to see inside. They offer some suggestions and Keller then says there should a flavorful ice pencil that you can eat. We wonder where he gets his imagination? As the screen goes to black, we hear one of them say, "If you don't show us some encouragement, you're fired!" Those tickets could go on sale at any moment, so get those ticket-ordering fingers ready.

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