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Nominate Your Favorite Restaurant Bathroom in Chicago


The 2011 Eater Awards are less than a month away and we need your help in a new category: Best Bathroom in Chicago. Everyone gives their opinions about who they think is the best chef, what is the best restaurant and who can mix up the best drinks around town, but how often do you talk about the bathrooms when you go out to eat? Well now we want to know.

We have some ideas, but we want to hear from you so send us your nominations. If a particular bar has a great john, tell us. They should have character, have some sort of thing that makes you go "wow" when you walk in to do your business. Is it a stall? A cool mirror? Sweet art on the walls? Either leave a comment or send a note to and let us know what you think is/are the best bathroom(s) in restaurants around town and a short reason why.