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Lula Cafe to Don Taco Costume for Halloween

You have to love a restaurant with a sense of humor and not many laugh as much as Lula Cafe—at least when it comes to Halloween. The restaurant "dresses up" as another eatery each year on Oct. 31 and this year it's going to be a classier version of Taco Bell (in year's past Lula has become Not Doug's, Lula's Corner and O'Lulahan's, among others).

Owner Jason Hammel said they're going to source their ingredients locally: from Slagel Farm (for the in-house ground beef), Werp Farm for lettuce and will reach out to Pastoral's Lisa Futterman for a mix of cheeses. They'll also serve "cinnamon fried twists" and have other surprises. Doesn't sound as scary as a trip south of the border. In fact, we're pretty sure they're going to make some damn tasty tacos.
· Halloween at Lula: This Time, It's Tacos [TOC]

Lula Cafe

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