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Meals on Wheels Ticket Winners Selected

As you know the Meals on Wheels Celebrity Chef Ball takes place on Friday night at Macy's on State Street and Eater had two pairs of tickets to giveaway. We asked you to tell us why you should get a pair and, while a number of you gave some good reasons, we felt that two stood out more than others. So with that, we'd like to congratulate Eater readers Finch G. and Eddy C. who sent in pretty funny reasons why they should go.

We were on the fence with one particular reader who moved to Chicago from New York and said she wasn't convinced Chicago has a great restaurant scene. But she only moved here one week ago, which is really hardly enough time to give our bustling and delicious food scene a chance. We say put aside your New York food snobbery and go out to eat a little bit more.