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Loretta's Bake Shop, Sodikoff's Next Project; Nellcôte

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[Photo: Loretta's, Sodikoff's next project, Nellcote]

WEST LOOPLoretta's Bake Shop and Cafe, a quaint 12-seat spot, is coming to 939 W. Randolph. Owner Marybeth Flynn, who named the cafe in honor of her mother, will have fresh-baked pastries, sandwiches and more for breakfast and lunch. She'll source the bread from a nearby bakery, but otherwise everything will be single-batch and made from scratch; the menu will change daily. Look for Loretta's to open in late November.

WEST LOOPBrendan Sodikoff has signed a lease at 112 N. Green Street for a future project and will take possession in a few weeks. He told Eater this morning he plans to sit on the property until his other projects, Bavette's and Sweeney's Diner, are open.

WEST LOOP—Much of the initial demolition and construction work at Nellcôte has been completed, and they'll now move into making the space look pretty.


833 W Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 312.432.0500 Visit Website